prom dress
For the sake of the Prom

They are all talking about it now, many have it already since January hanged in their wardrobe, looking at it every time they open their closet and start dreaming of their Prom date; moms are counting endless times how much would that dress cost, “oh and don’t forget the accessories and shoes, hair and make-up last but not least what limousine car should we hire?”
Have you guessed it?
The Prom Dress.
This first formal party in our High-School-Graduate kid’s life, is about living one night like a celebrity and parents adoring seeing their sons and daughters in those dresses and suits; all grown up.
Do not worry, though, moms, we thought of few steps to help your daughter be the best dressed and you to enjoy shopping for this unique occasion:
1. Start your shopping early, it will allow you plenty of time for any last minute dilemma.
2. Get inspiration, begin with the color of the dress, take a look in the latest issues of the Fashion Magazines, what are the colors of the season and which one suits your daughter’s complexions? We love the latest Conscious collection long dresses from H&M in emerald green, nude pink and off white, see here.
3. Avoid an all-black gothic look. It’s not only terribly aging but, will also be too much to match with the black suit of their date.
4. Remember, Prom dresses are preferably long but playful, young but demure and appropriate to their young age. Avoid all cut out styles, very low open back and bust line.
5. Shoes should be especially comfortable so they don’t end up bare feet (it will be a long night and your daughter will definitely regret wearing uncomfortable shoes). However, the shoes should be suitable for the dress such as embellished sandals or open toe pumps.

6. Little bag or a boxy clutch will work for perfection just choose the right matching color with the dress. If you’re going for a more dramatic effect, choose a contrasting color.
7. Make-up should be as natural as possible. On young and fresh faces there is absolutely no need for a red carpet style. For this occasion we asked our favorite makeup artist Najla for advise on the best Prom special make up which suits most styles and faces please follow the link to her tutorial.

If, despite these steps, you or your daughter still need help, Style Codes offers a service specially dedicated to finding the perfect prom dress. Go to Services and check out our Prom Perfect services.