Out of Italy

La Dolce Vita, they say and without a doubt, it is true. Italy has it all. Fashion, style, food and art. We started our two week holiday from Venice, stepping straight into a water taxi, and for the next two days it was our only way of transport beside walking, and the Gondolas. Water is everywhere and anywhere in Venice.

From the Red Carpet to the Real life

When I saw this look of Jessica Alba I instantly fell in love with it, and kept checking it again and again. What was the striking point of this look? It could be the contrast of black and white of which I am a huge fan, or the style of the skirt that hugs the curves in such a subtle way, that makes any hip size look beautiful, or is it that Jessica pulled of the look so perfectly that we even don't want to think twice. No matter why, I absolutely wanted to recreate the look for myself. I did my research, starting from the skirt, it wasn't too difficult as I had already f...

prom dress
For the sake of the Prom

They are all talking about it now, many have it already since January hanged in their wardrobe, looking at it every time they open their closet and start dreaming of their Prom date; moms are counting endless times how much would that dress cost, “oh and don’t forget the accessories and shoes, hair and make-up last but not least what limousine car should we hire?” Have you guessed it? The Prom Dress. This first formal party in our High-School-Graduate kid’s life, is about living one night like a celebrity and parents adoring seeing their sons and daughters in tho...